Custom Drupal Module (and Github repos)

GitHub Repositories

Owner: sjlawson

  • cal2appointment
    Appointment request app
  • clan-reg
    Scottish Highland Games clan registration plugin and app
  • code_samples
    code samples from various projects, finished or otherwise
  • coding-interview-university
    A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.
  • django_lawson
    Django sandbox
  • DS_Eva
    DS-Eva -- Deep Space Exploration in the Victorian Age -- fun with pyGame and Blender
  • editable_table
    code template to make table cells editable on dblclick using jQuery > 1.8
  • etsy-app
    An Etsy-like app for RoR practice
  • exact_target_mailer
    Wrapper class for Exact Target FuelSDK
  • get_my_file
    PHP class to retrieve files located in directories outside the web server context
  • githubdrupal
    Module for displaying a dynamic list of GitHub repositories on a Drupal site
  • git_cheatsheet
    Quick & Dirty tips for Git + jokes for practise
  • hobbyists
    Sample data storage project
  • masonic_music_timeline
  • mc_python_spigot_linux
    instructions for getting Spigot Minecraft server on Linux with py3minepi as done in Craig Richardson's "Learn to Program with Minecraft"
  • music-tutor-tools
    suite of tools to assist private music studio instructors
  • OpenWorship
    Basic, easy video projection
  • py_automation
    Python3 with selenium front-end testing suite
  • select2
    Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results.
  • steampunkballoonparty
    game for ages 3+: Control a flying galley with the mouse. Bump into balloons to make a satisfying 'pop'!
  • stringsandcode
    RoR Article site on the subject of Music & Programming
  • WorshipOnRails
    Moving the vid projection project to Ruby on Rails for better awesomeness.