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Steam-power code.

It is a silly name. I built this site to be a repository of work I have done in the field of web application software engineering. Steam-Power is an allegorical 19th-century reference to technology that is exciting, new, and available to all people.

Steam-Power is known to have been used to produce mechanical motion for at least two-thousand years. The root of the idea is to take what is naturally available (water), apply energy (heat), and concentrate the resulting steam in a way to create movement. At Steam-Power Code, we use the same millennia-old concept. There is an ocean of open-source tools, programming languages, and even raw code ready for the industrious software developer to take and use. To that ready supply, we apply the energy of creative work flow, natural, logical algorithms, and best practises to create applications, web site components, mobile web applications, even games - All custom-tailored tools that will provide the Steam-Power to re-invigorate your machine whether it be for business, gaming, or science.

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